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The God of Beer

It has been three years since the God of Beer set in stone what was to become the foundation for The Union. Three long years. During that time, we have seen 3 heroes, a champion, an Infection, an ap0stle, and a freedom-fighter. We have done battle with scarlet, crimson, tan, white, black, and violet knights. A 2-headed dragon was slain, though it’s treasure was stolen. We have seen suicide, homicide, and arson. We have committed suicide, homicide, and arson. We’ve been tested by fire and by sword, and have risen above all challenges. We were scorned by all, damned by all, hated by all, and yet we have survived for three years. Three long years.
At times like these, I wonder what the God of Beer’s original plan was for us. Surely he must have devised The Union as a method of perserving greatness, rather than attaining it. The Screwup was meant to live forever, but that did not happen either. In rising from nothing to become the 3rd greatest known power, we made many enemies, and so now they try to drag us from grace.
Thrice we have nearly been destroyed, and thrice favour has spared us. The dream is dimmer than it once was, more distant, and it is colder here than it was where we sailed from.
God of Beer, I must ask you, what would you have me do now? It is your dream, and I am bound to it so long as I live, but if I live, I may live in vain. What would you have me do for the next three years?
I fear that your counsel is as distant as your soul from mine.

The Screwup

It was one year ago that the Screwup’s fate was set in stone. July 3rd, 2005 was just another average day for the Screwup, until he was hit by the catastrophe that led to his suicide. He had nowhere to run, and should have been killed on the spot. Amazingly, he managed to survive 48 hours. In this time, he forgave his betrayer, forged a new foundation for The Union, and called s3c0ndh4nd to be his successor. Then he drew his blade and ended his life. This happened a mere 2 days before his first year would have ended, and a mere week before s3c0ndh4nd created this space. 
The Screwup can be called the beacon of hope for The Union. He always believed that the future would hold better things. He was born into a world that couldn’t care less whether he lived or died, and no one expected his life to last more than a week. But the Screwup somehow perserved, filled with the hope that things could be better in the future if he tried to make them so. And things did indeed improve for the Screwup. He was given great responsibilities, and reaped great rewards, but he always looked to see how he could make things better for both himself and others around him. Even when he was struck down by the catastrophe, he still believed that life could be made better. He spent the final hours of his life making sure life for me would be made good. Even as he plunged that blade into his heart, he believed that I could make life better, that I would be the one to lead The Union to victory. I do not intend to let him down.
The Screwup brought many things to the Union, the most important of which was his poetry. His style is far different from my own. He relies less on rhyming and more on the tone of the poem, almost all of his poems have a lighter tone that send a message of hope to the reader. I have decided to honour him by writing a poem not in my style, but in his.
It was a single act of stupidity,
A leap of faith,
That once birthed a hero.
He was the Screwup,
Never again shall a man like him be known.
Though his youth was a constant struggle for survival,
And his death a sudden, horrific event,
His life will be forever remembered as the Good Old Days.
Giving all he had for what he believed,
Never losing faith in victory, yet he was deceived.
A beacon of hope to all whom he passed,
But his joy was shortlived, and was not to last.
A tainted soul, once shining and bright
Trusted to him a story, yet kept from his sight
That the favour, freely given, would not be returned,
Yet all remained peaceful, until the day he learned.
Times became difficult, yet the Screwup perserved,
Accepted what little pay they thought he deserved.
Then one fateful day, the tragic news hit,
Sending the Screwup into a rageful fit.
Though he tried to survive and make it through,
In the end there was nothing more he could do.
Finally, seeing no more reason to live,
He decided on a final gift to give.
The gift of forgiveness, a start over new.
Wanted by many, but given by few.
And as his replacement there would be a new man.
Righteous yet rampant, they’d call him "s3c0ndh4nd"
And content with a heir and all his work done,
He drew his own blade and into his heart he plunged
the tip.
As he lay dying, a final prayer, his last whim,
That s3c0ndh4nd might end up better than him.
As he closed his eyes and breathed his last,
The Good Old Days descended to the past.
The Screwup, ever faithful, used each second well,
From his moment of birth to the moment he well.
He gave his life for the survival of The Union,
Now he and the God of Beer sing "Family Reunion".
Once betrayed by sins and friends and love,
Now guiding s3c0ndh4nd from heaven above.
And now, all concerned, please raise your cups,
And remember the Good Old Days,
The second hero of The Union,
The Screwup.
s3c0ndh4nd 02/17/06
Dedicated to The Screwup
Written on July 3rd, 2006
In memory of the Screwup
July 7th, 2004-July 5th, 2005
The beacon of light to us all.
Long Live the Good Old Days.

God of Beer

NOTE: The God of Beer is not a God. He is not someone who I, or anyone else, worships. He is not equivalent to any God, so please do not comment me calling me some unholy name.
NOTICE TO READER: This is a memorial blog. While normally I am quite tolerant of insulting comments, or comments that are intended to be funny, now is not the time for them. Those who DO create innapropriate comments on this blog will have their comment deleted, and should not expect to speak with me for a long while. Insulting the God of Beer during his memorial is akin to insulting the dead at their funeral. Keep that in mind as you read this.
Today is the Thursday of the third full week of March. Thus, today is the memorial for the God of Beer. If you wonder why his "memorial" is on his date of birth instead of his death, it is because the Screwup’s death was two days before the God of Beer’s and there was no reason to complicate the issue by having two memorials in three days. As well, you might be wondering how the God of Beer got his name. He was named after a book of the same title, written by Garret Keizer. Why? I don’t know exactly, and I don’t think anyone ever will. With that cleared up, I believe s3c0ndh4nd would like to say a few words.
I didn’t know the God of Beer personally. No one really did. In a way I could be considered his grandson, but I have no blood relationship to him whatsoever. What we do know about him is that he was, first and foremost, the founder of The Union. Without him, I could not be here, and the Screwup would not have existed either. His life was a short one, but it was only short because he gave his life so that others, including myself, could continue on. His life was full of being in uncharted territory, but he always seemed to find away around adversaries. He wasn’t an aggressive individual, and though he was sometimes pushed around because of it, he remained focused on what he had been born to do. During his life, he was constantly trying to survive, but not for himself. He focused himself on surviving day after day so that The Union, which was far weaker then, could suvive as well. He was the first one to write poetry as well, although he only wrote 1 in his lifetime (the trend was mainly started by the Screwup). The God of Beer realised what Kak and the Host had not. He realised that change was necessary in order to survive. He began a new era, founded The Union, and changed not only his life, but the lives of others around him as well. He did this all in 3 1/2 months. Please join me in remembering him now, and if you don’t remember him, just keep in mind that without him, I would not exist at all. A moment of silence now, if you will.
This Blog was written on March 24th 2006
In memory of the God of Beer
March 2004-July 7th 2004
Thank You.