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Kudos to Kids – Tommy Zois

Today’s kudos goes to a relatively unknown figure. In fact, two weeks ago no one outside of his family and friends knew his name. Surely he would have prefered to remain an unknown, given the circumstances by which he has found himself proclaimed as a hero in local newspapers. This is a piece which I do not want to write, and would not be writing in a perfect world, but…
Tommy Zois. 16 years old from Toronto, Ontario. Up until Christmas, there was nothing spectacular about this boy. On December 25th, he spent part of the day at his older sister’s common-law husband’s house, along with his fourteen year old brother Jamie.
An argument brewed between his sister (Illida) and the man, and suddenly the man stabbed his Illida repeatedly. He then proceded to stab both both Tommy and Jamie. Tommy watched as both Illida and Jamie died, and then watched as the man raped his sister’s corpse. The man then took Tommy to another apartment, where he gagged and bound him and put him into the closet, and then told Tommy that he was going to get a gun and kill them both. Tommy struggled in the closet for seven hours before managing to free himself from his bonds. He then waited an additional two hours before making a run for it. He managed to escape the apartment and then told the police his story. As it happened, the man had already turned himself in a few hours earlier, and was charged with two counts of second degree murder, one count of attempted murder, and one count of kidnapping.
I don’t think that I need to explain much. Tommy Zois went to hell and came back alive. That’s beyond kudos. That’s heroic.

Kudos to Kids – Brenda Song

I know, I know… She’s not really a kid anymore.
It’s only the second one of these, and already I’m breaking my own rules. I told myself that the cut off age was 15, but I’ve smashed right through that barrier… Oh well, she deserves it.
Brenda Song, 19 years old. Hails from California, of course.
Why does she deserve kudos? The first reason is, of course, her acting talents. Like most, she started out small, with minor roles in T.V. and film. She had a sizable role in Like Mike as well, before entering the Disney fray. With Disney, she made a few guest appearances on Phil of the Future and That’s So Raven before being cast as London Tipton in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.
Now, say what you will about Disney shows and the young actors and actresses therein, but Brenda’s performences in the Suite Life of Zack and Cody have always been top notch. She nails the character down perfectly without ever becoming "annoying" (as I’ve heard the performances by certain other young actors and actresses called).
On top of all that, she’s done charity work for Optimist Youth Homes & Family Services, has been active in fundrasing for cancer research (her mother has breast cancer), and she has aided the causes of several other organizations as well, such as the YMCA and Make-a-Wish Foundation.
Finally (and this is a big one), she recently participated in a solidarity march in Hollywood to show her support for the Writer’s Guild of America.
Brilliant actress, beautiful young woman, and overall classy human being. Kudos to you.

Kudos to Kids – Danny Sveinson

Hey guys, long time no see eh?
Here’s something new that I’m gonna be starting: Kudos to Kids. The basic idea around it is this: Kids can do amazing things. A lot of the time they don’t get enough recognition for what they do though. This is a way for me to spread the message about kids I hear about who are doing some amazing things. Some of them are famous already, but I think they deserve more appriciation. Others you’ll never have heard of before. They’re united by this: They’re kids, and they’re amazing.
With that introduction out of the way, I give you… Danny Sveinson.
He’s 14 years old and hails from Surrey, B.C. He started performing at 10 years of age under the name "The Rock and Roll Kid", and he’s been rolling along ever since. He’s being hailed as a future Rock and Roll god. He and his band have opened for The Trews, for Christ’s sake. He’s an incredibly talented musician. Don’t take my word for it. Go find some songs by Sonic City or Mad Shadow and listen for yourself.
Something else to note: He’s the subject of a documentary. Already! Coincidentally, if you’ve got the Knowledge Network on your T.V., his documentary is being aired on December 3rd at about 9 P.M. EST. That’s tomorrow FYI.
And there you have it. Danny Sveinson. Setting the music industry on fire, one chord at a time. Rock on, my friend. Kudos to you.