Two weeks in, and I’ve already come to a conclusion: I don’t think I could do criminal defence for a living.

That’s not to say that it’s been a bad experience. It’s just that my morality is being tested in a way that I would not be able to handle in the long run.

The first case I’m having to work on is a fascinating one. It’s domestic violence, but with a twist: male victim, female accused. The accusations leveled against her were shocking to read, and so I expected a certain type of appearance and demeanour when I went to meet her with my boss last week.

Instead, what I got was Dahlia Hawthorne:

I acknowledge that I often have to stretch in order to relate things back to video games, but this one fits almost perfectly. See, Dahlia Hawthorne stems from the Phoenix Wright series, where you take on the role of a criminal defence lawyer.

Dahlia appears as a witness in a murder trial. She arrives on the scene as this beautiful young woman, gushing with grace and serenity. Her theme music conveys a sense of calm and peace, particularly in contrast to rest of the game’s upbeat soundtrack.

But, spoiler alert, Dahlia ends up being arguably the single most evil entity in the entire five game series.

And that’s who I immediately thought of when I saw this client. She was intelligent, attractive, and well-spoken. She carried herself with dignity and class. Having seen plenty of criminals over the past two weeks, she most certainly does not fit in with the majority of them.

Yet, if the accusations are true, she is without a doubt the most despicable human being that I’ve ever spoken with, and whoever is in second place is a long, long way down.

Here’s the thing: I think she’s guilty. I’m not certain of it, but I’m more convinced of her guilt than her innocence. Despite that, I am being paid to find a way to get her to go free – on a technicality, no less.

In other words, if I do my job well, someone who I think is a sociopath will be released back into society.

Will I be able to handle doing that sort of thing for 10 months? Sure.

Longer than that? I don’t think so.