There’s nothing like a satisfying boss battle. I love the feeling of having to put together all of my knowledge and skills in order to overcome some perilous obstacle standing between me and my goal.

Ideally, a boss battle should be a close fight. As a player, you should have no idea whether you’re going to win or lose until the very last seconds.

If two minutes into a fifteen minute encounter it becomes quite clear that the boss poses no real threat and that it’s just a matter of time before you take it out, that’s too easy. There’s no thrill in winning.

If on the other hand the boss wipes the floor with you in thirty seconds, that’s no fun either.

What you want is a boss battle that pushes you to the brink of death. You’re down to 1 HP. You can’t take any more damage. The boss is flashing red. A few more sword strikes will take him down. You need to wait for your moment. Dodge his attacks. Play cautiously, knowing that pushing the wrong button at this point will your untimely demise and having to restart this battle from the beginning. Just as you think you’re done for, you see an opening. You move in and – WHACK – the boss explodes, leaving a shower of gold coins in his wake. You feel exhausted, and relieved, and incredibly triumphant. And then it’s time to relax and watch the epilogue.

That’s what my final week of law school has been like. If you’ve got a great memory, you’ll recall that undergrad ended with a rather disappointing final boss. No repetition of that in law school. No, law school went out with a bang. Two major assignments and one minor one all within the span of 30 hours. It was as brutal a slog as I’ve had in my 21 year academic career, and at times I honestly wasn’t sure if I’d be able to meet my deadlines.

But I did. It took some late nights, but I did what had to be done. And now that it’s over I’m feeling pretty good. Exhausted, relieved, and triumphant.

All that’s left now is a pair of exams spaced out over the next 18 days. And then I’ll put down the controller and watch the credits roll.