I’m down to one last shot in Toronto. If I don’t get this position, I’m going to commit to staying in Kingston for another year.

It’s a timing issue more than anything that’s forced my hand. If I’m working in Kingston, that means signing a lease for a new apartment, deferring my bar exams until November, and booking a flight to the UK for late April.

The longer I continue to look for work in Toronto, the fewer apartments I’ll have to choose from and the more I’m going to pay for my flight.

Theoretically the cut-off date could be as late as April 22nd, which is the last weekday before I’d be flying out. Of course, pushing it that late would be expensive and irresponsible, and as such the real cut off date is probably somewhere around April 8th. If I don’t hear back any positive news by then, I’ll be booking a flight and signing a lease.

Being in Kingston for another year isn’t what I want, but it’s becoming increasingly unlikely that I’ll have any way out of it other than taking my old job again.

A rock and a hard place eh.