Yeah I’m fudging the date on this one. I was planning on writing it on the 30th, but the lack of Internet access in the guest house I was staying in made that impossible.

2016 is going to be a big year. I’m finishing school in April. I’ve got the Bar exams in June. I’m planning on doing some travelling in July. I’m starting my career in August – assuming I can find a job between now and then. Throw in the possibility of living somewhere new and some big relationship decisions to be made, and you’ve got a hectic twelve months ahead.

In a lot of ways, this is the year that I’ve spent every year for the last decade trying to avoid. Pretty much every decision I’ve made since 2007 has been made in order to delay my inevitable entry into the real world, whatever that is. From switching out of sciences after grade 11 to pursuing an utterly useless history degree to entering law school – all of it has been to try and put off having to make these big decisions.

But now I’ve played all my cards, and it’s just about time to face the music.

There might not be any reason for me to be as apprehensive as I am. 2016 could be great. It could be better than great. It could even be the best year ever. But it could just as easily be an unmitigated disaster. Right now I just don’t know.

Hope for the best and expect the worst.