Out of nowhere, I’ve got a job interview on Monday.

I say “out of nowhere” because I haven’t submitted a job application in a month, and I wasn’t expecting to have any job-related news until after Christmas.

Turns out that a firm to which I submitted an application on September 30th decided to throw me a bone. Cool.

Obviously, expectations have to be tempered here. I went 0 for 8 on interviews just a few months ago, and this time around I don’t have the comfort of seven other opportunities in case this one goes pear-shaped.

On the plus side, the applicant pool has thinned out considerably since August, which theoretically means that I’m going up against lesser academic competition this time around. Then again, if this process was solely based on marks I’d have a job already, and I’m sure there are plenty of others just like me out there.

Ultimately, regardless of the quality of the competition, they still outnumber me ten to one, so it’s going to be tough. I wasn’t expecting to be out of the woods before Christmas, and so if I don’t get this I don’t think I’ll be overly disappointed.

But man, it would be so nice if I could nail this. I don’t have the words to tell you how nice that would be.

Putting this job search to bed before Christmas would allow me to enjoy my holiday so much more. It’s been so long since my mind has been at ease that I’ve forgotten what it feels like.