We’re two days in, and it isn’t going well I’m afraid.

Out of the 8 interviews, there were three that felt to me as if they’d gone exceptionally well. Unfortunately, one of those places sent me an email saying they’d be going “in a different direction”, and another one didn’t call me back for a second interview.

So that’s two strikes. All I have left to hope for at this point is that the third employer (which doesn’t conduct second interviews) gives me a call at 5:00 tomorrow, or that one of the other five employers is more keen on me than I gathered, but I’m not too hopeful on either of those fronts.

Right now I’m frustrated. Really frustrated.

I think my feelings are best summed up by my boy Hades:  

This isn’t the end of the world, but it’s the start of a big headache on my end. It means that instead of having a relatively relaxing final year of school, I’m going to be just as stressed throughout it as I was last year. It means spending hours applying for jobs which I am decreasingly interested in, and waiting for replies which never come.

But I’ll save most of that worrying for September. Right now I’m going to take three weeks off, think about this shit as little as possible (although there’s one application I want to send out, and another one for that TA position that I missed out on last year). After that I’ll start thinking about this process de novo.