Tonight was supposed to be a nerve-filled night of minimal sleep. That’s how the night before last call day was – a mix of excitement and dread, knowing that any of 15 employers might call me, but that most (or all) would not.

This call day is different though in that I pretty much know what’s going to happen.

This week, seven employers have sent me emails to let me know that they’ll be giving me a call tomorrow morning. Considering I applied to 37 places, that’s actually a pretty good ratio. Too good, almost, as seven interviews is in fact one more than the maximum the law school recommends that a person accept.

Being only nine months removed from having absolutely no interviews at all, I don’t feel like I’m in a position to turn anyone down, and so unless I change my mind I’ll be scheduling seven interviews tomorrow morning for August 10th and 11th.

Not only have I been surprised by the number of employers which have contacted me, I’ve also been surprised by which ones have. As I was rolling through applications, there were certain employers that I found more appealing than the others, and so I poured much more time and effort into refining and personalizing those cover letters. And yet the places which have emailed me back are all, with one exception, places whose applications I pretty much just blitzed through. Perhaps I was trying too hard, or perhaps those other places were particularly competitive, or perhaps it’s all just a giant crapshoot. In any event, the result is that I’ve only been contacted by a couple of the firms which I would consider to be in my top ten, while the rest are all either places in the middles of my rankings, or places I threw in applications last minute for the hell of it.

In the end though, I would happily accept a job offer from any of the places who have emailed. All of them would pay me close to double what my present employer would pay me and allow me to move out 13 months from now. While I don’t really have a passion for defending insurance claims, I can put up with it for 10 months in exchange for some much-needed personal and financial independence.