Ever wish you could read minds?

See, there’s this one girl, and I really want to know what’s going on in her head.

I don’t know her name. I don’t know anything about her really other than the fact that she’s in law school and is one year ahead of me.

I’ve been seeing her around for two years now, and in that time she has worn the same outfit to school every single day: A grey hoodie with a pink vest underneath, along with black sweatpants. Literally every single day. No exceptions.

So right off the bat I’m left wondering if she’s a cartoon character. If I opened her closet, would I find a comical collection of 20 identical hoodies, vests, and sweatpants? Or does she simply wear the exact same articles of clothing day after day?

On top of that, every day in class she produces a beverage of some sort. It might be water, it might be juice. I’ve never looked closely enough to tell. But regardless, this beverage is always contained in a plastic Disney Princess sippy cup.

Yes, a sippy cup. The kind generally used by two years olds who lack manual dexterity so that they don’t spill their drinks. One of these things:

sippy cup

Again, I don’t get it. The one explanation I can think of is that perhaps she has a young daughter. But then, why is she drinking from her daughter’s cup? It just leaves me very confused.

And then there are little things. For example, I saw her on the bus once en route to the mall. It’s a 25 minute journey. Once we’d reached the mall, she got off the bus, took 10 steps towards the mall, turned around, and went right back to the bus stop.

Under normal circumstances I probably wouldn’t question it too much, but in light of everything else it just adds to the enigma.

Unfortunately, she’s graduating this summer, and odds are I’ll never see her again. Perhaps some mysteries are better left unsolved.