The big news for today is that I’ve got a new cousin. Pretty sure his name’s Lucas, though I haven’t heard any confirmation on that subject yet.

I’m thrilled of course. Births in the family are somewhat rare, and male births even more so – it’s been nearly 17 years since the last time a boy was born to someone in the family circle.

One little thing nags at me though.

No, it’s not the fact that this child decided to arrive within two days of my birthday, robbing me of the 35 day buffer I had between my birthday and anyone else’s in the family.

And no, it’s not the grim realization that I’ll be nearly 37 when the boy hits his teenage years, though that one does sting a bit.

It’s just some mild trepidation about the future.

Maybe it’s just me, but if I had just got back together with my ex-spouse, I might want to take things slowly at first and see how things work out. The last thing I would be thinking of would be having another child. Particularly so if my marriage started hitting the skids shortly after the first child arrived. And yet doing the math, that’s what my aunt and uncle(?) decided to do within five weeks of resuming their relationship (unless this was an oopsies).

Still, they’re adults. At some point you have to trust people to know what they’re doing.

But I can’t help but wonder a little bit about the decision-making process here.