Normally I’m a big fan of anniversaries. It’s kind of nice to think about where you were on this date X years ago. It’s a cool way to reflect upon where you’ve been and compare it to where you are now.

Today’s a big of a sad one though in that it’s been a whole year since I’ve received a comment on a blog entry.

Comments used to be the lifeblood of this little pedestal on the far reaches of the Internet, and one of the main reasons why I kept this thing chugging.

I mean, take a look at this blog here. First off, eerie the way that introduction mirrors the introduction to this entry. That was completely unplanned. But more to the point, look at the last few paragraphs there. Back in those days my blogging cycle revolved around comments. Typically, once all of the usual suspects had commented, that was my signal to go ahead and write up the next one. It brought me such joy to know that people were interested enough about my thoughts to leave feedback, and having that feedback often helped me to pause and see things from a different perspective. An issue that may have seemed black and white to me when I wrote an entry could be turned into a muddy shade of grey with one written comment, and that’s a good thing.

Sadly, those days have been over for a while. Although this is the first 365 day period without any comments, the previous 365 day period had only five.  This day has been coming for a while.

Nevertheless, contrary to my 2009 prediction, I’ve kept this thing going despite the lack of comments. It seems that my desire to have a record of Who I Once Was has outstripped my need for attention. Go figure.

The complete silence does make me think about the end of this blog sometimes though. I mean, right now it seems a bit unlikely that I’d maintain this thing if I started a family and had kids of my own, and that means that it’s going to have to end at some point between now and then (Although who knows. Parenting would no doubt provide a near-endless source of material, and no doubt a much older me would love to look back on all the mistakes I made while trying to deal with a toddler).

Whatever the case may be, the one thing I won’t do is just let this thing fade away. I’ve seen too many blogs and webcomics slow down from being updated once per week to once per month, and then from one per month to once per year, and then fall silent completely. That won’t happen here. When the time comes, unless this blog manages to outlive me, I’ll give this thing a proper send off.

But that won’t be today, or tomorrow, or next month. And so just like I’ve done hundreds of times before, I’m going to hit that publish button now and send another message off into the cold and silent abyss of the Internet.