I’m not one for gossip, but I’ve got a juicy one for you tonight. Let me hit you with the headline first:

A friend of mine might be involved in a sexual relationship with a professor.

I use the word “might” because I have absolutely no evidence of the relationship being sexual in nature. What I do have is pretty strong evidence that two are at least sharing a bed on a semi-regular basis.

Obviously, you’ll be wanting to hear about that evidence. Let me lay it out for you:


In class this evening, I happened to look to my right. I did so because, well, that’s where the lecturer was. As I did so, I happened to glance at my friend’s computer screen. She was looking at her email inbox – nothing usual about that. What was unusual was that her inbox was dominated by messages from a single sender, who was identified only by his first name. That name was the same name as one of our professors from last year. Curiously though, the subject lines didn’t seem very academic in nature. They were things like “You still there?” or “You awake?”

Obviously, my curiosity was piqued. I kept one eye on the lecturer while subtly keeping the other on her computer screen. Soon thereafter, she opened up an instant messaging program. The conversation she opened up was between her and a man with the same name as the one who dominated her inbox.

Two questions sprung to my mind.

1) Was this person the professor?

2) If so, what exactly was going on here?

I don’t have any decisive proof that the man she was speaking with was the professor. I do however have some strong circumstantial evidence. I’ve already mentioned the first bit of evidence a couple of times: the man’s first name. Obviously I’m not going to mention the professor’s name here, but suffice to say it’s a rather uncommon name. The second piece of evidence is that during the course of their conversation, the man mentioned having to meet with someone by the name of Flanagan. That would be the law school Dean’s name. Third, and most convincing of all, early on in their conversation the man asked her “How is class?” to which my friend responded “Boring. Not like your class.” He responded “Aw, thank you :)”

Again, all of that is circumstantial evidence. I never saw the man’s last name, which would have been the proverbial smoking gun. But putting it all together, I find it difficult to come to any other conclusion.

The answer to the second question is even less hazy. I can’t reproduce their conversation word for word as I was also trying to take good notes for class at the same time. Nevertheless, I caught a number of snippets here and there, which I’ve arranged below in a haphazard order. There’s plenty missing, but you get the gist of it:

Him: “I’m happy you said hey :)”

Her: “I’ll come with you tomorrow [for a walk]”

Her: “Are you going to pick me up after class?”

Him: “Are you going to spend the night?”

Her: “I don’t have my overnight stuff.”

Her: “I have don duty, so you’ll have to drive me back late tonight. But if I want I can always change my mind later.”

Him: “I think it would be nice to sleep together.”

Her: “Class is ending now. I’ll go back to my place and pack my things.”

You can take from that what you will. After class when I casually inquired about her plans for the evening, she mentioned don duty but nothing else.


Now, what on earth do I do with this information? The thing is, I don’t even know how much of a Big Deal this is. If this was high school, I’d be obligated to gather more information to make absolutely sure, and then get the police involved. But this isn’t high school. She’s 23 years old, and perfectly capable of consenting to an adult relationship. As far as I’m aware, she doesn’t have any courses taught by him this semester, and so it’s not as though he’s her professor. What we have here is a relationship (possibly sexual) between a law student and a professor at the law school that she currently attends. On her part, there’s probably nothing wrong with it aside from the social stigma such a thing might carry. From his perspective it’s not illegal, but it’s certainly unprofessional and probably unethical. The big question is, if the Dean knew that one of his professors was sleeping with a student, what action would he take? Would he suspend the professor? Outright fire him? Would he do anything at all? I haven’t a clue.

So the best thing I can do for now is to sit tight, gather more information if possible, and not tell a soul about this until I’ve made absolutely certain of the facts.

Well, not a soul besides the entirety of the Internet which I’m telling with this blog post. Oops.