It’s truly perverse that I’m writing a blog entitled “Summer 2015” when Summer 2014 still has a month to go.

You can blame law school for that. All the job postings for next summer are already up, and it’s time to start sending out applications.

Ideally, I’d like to end up at a smaller firm with a laid-back feel to it which deals with family law and/or estate planning, would give me reasonable hours (ie no 12 hour shifts), and where the employment lasts around 10-12 weeks so that I’d have  some time in May/August to enjoy my summer.

That’s the ideal gig, anyhow. In reality, there will be few if any positions  which tick all of those boxes, and I can’t afford to apply only to those ones. I’ll have to make compromises and send out a boatload of applications, hoping to land a few interviews.

The bright side is that the competition, while fierce, is limited. I only have to compete against the other second year law students in Ontario who don’t have jobs lined up for them already by their parents. That’s around 700 people in total, perhaps less. I’ve got good grades and a half-decent resume, so realistically there’s no reason why I shouldn’t end up employed by the end of all this. It’s just going to take a lot of work to get there. Right now I’ve got one application done, and countless more still to go. Fun times ahead.