24 hours from now I’ll be on a plane bound for the UK once again. I’m always nervous the day before these things, and today is no exception.

The duration of the trip is a contributing factor for sure. It’ll be mid-July before I’m back in Canada if things go according to plan. And rather than a proper city, I’ll be stationed near a medieval castle this time. While beautiful, it’ll be different than Oxford two years ago. No going for walks through urbanized areas at a moment’s notice this time around.

And there’s always a bit of nervousness that comes with seeing someone who you haven’t seen in nearly four months. Excited nervousness, but nervousness nonetheless.

I’m sure I’ll be fine 48 hours from now, but for the moment I’m a little on edge. It doesn’t help that I think I’m catching a cold at the worst possible time, either.

Wish me luck and good health, friends. The next time you hear from me will be from foreign soil.