I’ll tell you one thing that hasn’t changed though: There are still screwballs everywhere.

Screwballs are those types that just don’t give a shit about class. They spend entire lectures on Buzzfeed, scrolling through useless (if sometimes amusing) articles, making plans for the weekend, and generally appearing oblivious to the fact that they’re in school.

These screwballs aren’t exclusive to Queen’s. Heck, they’re not even exclusive to university. They’ve been there ever since elementary school, wasting everyone’s time. And when I went to high school, I remember being told “It’ll be different in high school. You won’t get any of those screwballs there.” But alas, there they were. And then when I went to university, I was told “University is serious business, Michael. There won’t be any of those screwballs there.” But again, there they were.

Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised that there are screwballs here too. Maybe screwballs are just a fact of life; a constant presence that I’ll just have to get used to at some point.

There are two things that differentiate these postgraduate screwballs from their previous incarnations, however. The first is that, just from the very fact that they are present in law school, there is a very good chance that some of these screwballs did better than me on the LSAT. And that infuriates me to no end.

The second thing is that some of these screwballs won’t end up paying for their laziness later on. See, earlier in my academic careers, the presence of some screwballs in class was beneficial. They brought down the class average and made whatever work I did look better in comparison. And the screwballs themselves were punished for their laziness with bad grades and a low GPA.

But here in law school, grades are only a means to getting a job at the end of these three years. Aside from that, they don’t matter. A lawyer with a C- average is still a lawyer. And you can bet that some of these screwballs are already set because daddy has a position waiting for them once they graduate. They don’t need to be outstanding. They don’t even need to achieve anything specific. They just need to pass.

But what can you do?