We’re now two weeks into my second adventure at Queen’s, and I can safely say that things are different this time.

The most marked difference (as expected) is the sort of company I’m keeping this year. Back in 2009 I lived in this strange paradox where I was almost never alone, but felt utterly isolated. This year, I’m undoubtedly spending more time alone than ever before, but it doesn’t feel that way. Between class, orientation events, readings, skyping, and fencing the vast majority of my hours are booked. Orientation will be done as of this Thursday, but curling season starts next week and will fill that gap nicely. In first year of undergrad I had so much free time that I had to stretch just to find ways to use it. Part of that was a result of the relatively low workload I had, and part of it was because I had no friends. I watched all 240 odd episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh for fuck’s sake. And no, I’m not proud of that.

I feel like I’ve this time I’ve hit a comfortable balance where I don’t feel overwhelmed by school, nor do I have so much free time than I know what to do with it. I’m busy, but not so busy that a skype conversation that runs two hours longer than planned will have any serious bearing on me. On the whole, I think that’s been good for me.

I certainly don’t have the sense of doom and gloom that I had two weeks into my first year of undergrad. That’s not to say that I have the same sense of abundant joy that I had two weeks into second year either. I’m somewhere in the middle right now, but that’s pretty much where I expected to be.

On the whole, I can’t say that I’ve been overly surprised by anything thus far. But given the vast array of surprises I received last time around (see the vast majority of my blogs from September ’09), maybe that’s not such a bad thing.