Guess my home country wants me to stay after all.





Queen’s University  University of Windsor McGill University University of Leicester
Western University London School of Economics  Queen Mary
Osgoode Hall University College London  Durham University
University of Toronto  University of Ottawa

The catch is, Ottawa wants to hear back from me by April 11th – less than a week from today. This leaves me with three options:

If I accept Ottawa, all of the other Ontario schools will see that acceptance and close my file. Not ideal.

If I reject Ottawa, I’m gambling on being accepted by one of the remaining three Ontario schools. I’ve got Durham’s acceptance in the bag, but still. Not ideal.

The third option is to provisionally accept Ottawa. If I do this I can still receive offers from other schools, and I’d delay having to make a final decision until June. Win-win. The drawback is that this option costs $500. But I don’t feel like I have much of a choice here. Hopefully the remaining three schools get back to me one way or the other very soon.