Well folks, I’ve got a decision from Durham, and with it a deadline.





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So, Durham has accepted me. This is good news, of course. The greater significance of this is that I’ve now heard back from all five UK law schools. 3/5 isn’t too shabby.

As far as the UK goes, I’m now left with a choice between Queen Mary and Durham. Right now I can’t say I’m leaning one way or the other, but what else is new?

Well, I’ll tell you what else is new: With the UK schools having all reported back to me, I’ve been given a decision deadline date. And this D-Day is… D-Day.  June 6th.

In all likelihood, any Canadian schools I get accepted by will impose an earlier deadline on me (Late May, I imagine), but for now the infamous countdown clock stands at 75 days. Here we go again.