Tomorrow I’ll be writing the LSAT for the third and final time. 

I feel very similar to how I felt before I wrote the SAT back in 2008. That is, I feel like this test is both the single most important test that I’ve ever had to write, and at the same time a colossal waste of time. 

On one hand, I’ve already got two 162s in the bag. Those are good scores, and should get me at least a few offers in Ontario. Plus, my excellent score on the LNAT should help boost my chances in the UK. So really, this LSAT means very little. 

But on the other hand, there’s U of T. And I can say with complete confidence that U of T is the sole reason that I’m taking this test again. My scores and grades are such that my odds of getting into those 2nd tier Canadian schools (Queen’s, Western, Osgoode, York, Ottawa) are above 50%. I may not get into all of them, but I’m fairly likely to get into at least two. U of T is a different beast, however. As it stands, my odds of getting in are probably in the 25%-35% range. Not impossible, but unlikely. That’s why I’m putting myself through this godawful test again. 

Law schools only look at your highest LSAT mark, so I can’t hurt myself here. Even if I bomb and post up a 155, I won’t hurt my chances. I may hurt myself when I see that score, but I’ll be no less likely to get in anywhere than I am today. If, on the other hand, I could improve my mark, even by a single point, I’ll increase my chances. My goal is a 165. If I could meet that goal, I’m looking at a 45%-50% chance of getting into U of T.

Of course, that’s a tough goal to meet. 165 might not sound much higher than 162, but when you’ve written the test twice and scored 162 each time, you’ve got a pretty clear indication of what you’re going to score the third time around. 

So yeah, I guess we’ll see. In many ways it doesn’t matter how well I do on this test, but unless I do better than 162, I’m probably going to have to switch schools after this year. Urgh.