Yesterday I wrote the LNAT – the younger and less intimidating brother to the LSAT. I think it went reasonably well. If anything, I might have made the mistake of over-thinking a few questions. Unlike the LSAT, which is primarily written by students in the last least of their undergraduate careers, the LNAT is written primarily by students in their last year of high school. For some reason, this didn’t occur to me until after I finished the test, and so I may have put a little too much effort into seeking out trick questions and reading too deeply into things. When writing the LSAT, every single word is important, and seemingly insignificant differences in wording can make a whole world of difference. I got the sense that the LNAT was a lot less strict with its language, and I fear that this may have fooled me a few times.

But nevertheless, what’s done is done. And now, having received my grades for this term (which were excellent) and my second LSAT score (another 162), there’s little else I can do to increase or decrease my odds of getting in to law school at this point.

My second term grades will still be important, but these won’t be revealed until May and most of the schools I’ve applied to should have already made a decision on me well before then.

Then there’s the option of taking the LSAT a third time. Having taken the test twice and scored 162 both times, I have a pretty good indication of what I would score on a third go-around. With that said, I’m leaning towards taking it again. With two 162s already in the bag, I can’t really hurt myself.

But, aside from that, I’ve already done everything I can do. So now I shall sit back and let the gods decide my fate.