Two in one day. You’re getting a real treat today, folks.

For those of you with incredible memories, I’ve been writing here for just seven years now. And in those seven years I’ve touched upon a lot of subjects. I’ve spoken about everything from growing up, to preparing for prom, to the importance of friendly waves, to unrequited love, to pure, unadulterated joy, to great books that you should read immediately if you haven’t already, to hands-free soap dispensers, to the very meaning of life itself.

But there are three subjects which I’ve avoided as much as possible: Politics, religion, and women.


Ostensibly, the reason I don’t discuss politics is to avoid offending people. Given who my audience is, this really isn’t a concern. I think the real reason I don’t discuss politics is that the majority of people find it boring. For example, I strongly believe that the Westminster system is outdated and places far too much power in the executive branch, and that Canada should look to model its political system on Germany’s, including adopting a Mixed Member Proportional Representation electoral system.

But I tend not to talk about such things, because although I find this stuff interesting, not many people do.

To be fair though, when a political issue comes up that grabs the attention of the masses, I often comment on it here.


Religion is a subject that I’ve avoided almost entirely. And the reason for this is that I’ve always viewed religion as a highly personal thing. Not the sort of thing to be discussing on the Internet, even with an audience of three. I believe that everyone ought to have the freedom to believe whatever they want, so long as those views don’t prevent anyone else from believing whatever they want. Occasionally on Facebook you’ll see someone (and it’s often an atheist) triumphantly post the words SO TRUE, along with a link to a quote from someone which calls the other side stupid. That sort of thing annoys me to no end. Having a religion isn’t stupid. Nor is having an unusual religion. Nor is not having a religion at all.  It’s not a competition over who is right and who is wrong. It’s a shame that some people feel like it is. So that’s why I avoid discussing religion.


But women? They’re not controversial, nor offensive. Well, not usually, at least.

Really, the only reason I haven’t discussed women here is habit. You have to remember that this blog was created when I was fourteen years old. Back then, girls were a Really Big Deal. And for the first four years I was involved in a secret unrequited love thing, and several of my readers were people who could not find out about this Under Any Circumstances Whatsoever. And then for the two years after that there were no women to talk about, period.

But for the last year I’ve been involved in a long-distance with a fine young woman from Wales named Jessie. And aside for some brief references, I haven’t mentioned it at all. And I think that’s a bit weird.

I mean, a long-distance relationship is a crazy beast. I could have written a ton of blogs on my experiences and opinions. But I haven’t. Part of it is because I know she’s reading, and I don’t like discussing personal business on the Internet unless it’s my business alone. But part of it is just plain old habit.

Maybe relationships in general are something I’ll speak about more here going forward. We shall see.