In order to snap me out of this uninspired funk I’ve been having, I figured I’d start a new feature. This one’s called “Things Mike Likes.” In it, I’ll talk about – wait for it – things I like. It’s effectively the opposite of a rant in that rather discussing obscure things that piss me off, I’ll discuss obscure things that I like, but are unappreciated by most.

First off, temporary plastic covers.

You know how when you buy a new electronic advice, be it a phone, or a camera, or speakers, it comes with a temporary plastic covering, usually on the screen?

Like so.

Most people just discard these covers without giving it a second thought. But I don’t. I love these things, and I keep them on for as long as humanly possible.

What could possibly possess me to do this?

REASON #1: These covers give your device a second life. As banged up and bruised as these covers may get, there’s a shiny new device underneath. These plastic covers are temporary, and not made to last. Eventually they start to peel off and become unsightly to the point where they have to be removed. When you reach this point, you can be happy knowing that your device will look good as new once the cover comes off.

REASON #2: These covers make the device feel brand new still, even if it isn’t. If the plastic is still on, it’s like you’ve just taken it out of the box, even if it’s been several weeks.

REASON #3: These covers, temporary though they might be, keep dirt and dust out for as long as they survive, protecting your device and extending its longevity, if only by a few weeks.

Below are two examples. On the left we have my iPod speakers. These things are about four years old, and as you can see, the plastic has become really ugly. But because they’re speakers, I really don’t care about how aesthetically pleasing they are, so I’ve kept the plastic on all this time. But the point is that I could remove it at any time, and find that the sections still covered by the plastic look brand new.

On the right we have my new phone. I’ve had this thing for a little over the week now, and the plastic has started to peel off. I’d say it has a week left, maximum, before I’m forced to remove it. But when I do, it’ll be like getting a new phone all over again.

So yes. Plastic covers. I like ’em. YOU SHOULD TOO.