Today I looked at my Facebook wall and saw that someone I’m acquainted with posted a photo of themselves. Not an unusual thing.

What was unusual is that her hair was green. And not just any green, but this horrendous pale greyish-green thing. In my opinion it looked god-awful. But my opinion isn’t what’s important here. What’s important is that she has received no less than 22 likes on it thus far. No wait, that was four hours ago. She’s up to 28 now.

In addition to these 28 likes, 20 people have also commented on this photo. The comments are, without exception, positive ones. They range from “OMMYGOD! so cute.” to “awesomeeeeeeee” to “CAN YOU GET ANY HOTTER” to “if Katy Perry and Niki Minaj had a kid <3” (Yes, to the best of my knowledge, that last one was intended as a compliment).

Interestingly, 17 out of the 20 comments were posted by females, as were 23 of the 28 likes.

If I’ve learned anything in life, it’s these two things:

1. Greyish-green hair does not look good.

2. Women are bitches.

Clearly something is amiss here. 28 likes on a photo of an otherwise vaguely attractive girl with greyish-green hair just doesn’t make sense. I have come up with three possibilities:

A) I’m wrong about greyish-green hair being unattractive.

B) I’m wrong about women being bitches.

C) I’m not wrong as all. Instead, these 23 girls are taking bitchiness to a whole new level by liking a picture which they know to be unattractive and complementing the girl whilst internally taking great pleasure in the fact that she has made all the other girls look better by comparison.

This sounds to me like the PERFECT opportunity to test out this poll feature that I’ve just this moment discovered.


This is where it’d be nice to have a readership of 10,000. I have a feeling that this sample size might be on the small side. Ah well.