As you might have guessed from the title, this is the 500th blog posted here. Crazy stuff eh?

I still remember sitting in my room six and a half years ago writing out blog #1. I had a different desk back then, and a different computer, and was on a different website, and my grammar was god-awful, but the experience was still very similar. I mashed buttons on a keyboard for a bit before hitting the publish button and hoping that someone would see my drivel and comment on it.

I was 14 years old then. Now I’m almost 21. I wonder how my 14 year old self would react to seeing this space now. On the one hand, I imagine he’d be repulsed by some of what I’ve become. I’ve certainly changed over the course of these 500 blogs, and while I feel like these changes have been made for the better, my 14 year old self might disagree.

On the other hand, I think he’d be proud to see that I’ve kept this thing going for so long. I may not post ten blogs per month anymore, but I’ve continued to pump them out at a regular rate. One thing I used to worry about is that I would one day run out of material. What I’ve found is that life itself provides a ton of material. Seeing people dodging puddles on campus can inspire a blog. Seeing a communist with a funny voice can inspire a blog. Woodbridge has been the inspiration for a great many blogs about stupid people doing stupid things.

Life is damned interesting. And not just mine – I think that if you look closely enough at anyone’s life you’ll find some really cool things. As for myself, the next adventure begins tomorrow and I need to get some sleep. So as I’ve done 499 times before, I shall click the “Publish” button and pray for comments.