Ah, New Year’s resolutions. What a fantastic concept.

I’ve never made one myself. But I love the idea of picking the start of a new year as the time to make a change for the better.

Now, I’m not one for revolutionary resolutions. I don’t see the need to turn my life on its head come January 1st. I’m at a healthy weight. I’m at peace with pretty much everybody. I also happen to be a great human being.

With that said, I’ve decided to make at least one resolution this year. One tiny thing I feel will improve my quality of life ever so slightly.

Facebook profile pictures.

For as long as I’ve had Facebook, I have never once had a picture of myself as my Facebook profile picture. If you have me on Facebook (and if you’re reading this, odds are that you do), take a look at that history. I’ve had some hockey references, some Italian flags, a Pokemon, a villainous pope, two images relating to a certain awesome Christmas movie, and some old symbols from the days when I used to write stories in this place. Right now I’ve got Cyanize’s up. Memories, eh?

But let’s face it. Times have changed. I haven’t posted as Cyanize or s3c0ndh4nd in years now, and in the meantime the world has moved on. Everyone has pictures of themselves on Facebook now, except for the losers. I’ve become obsolete! A relic of the early Facebook days when it was funny to have a picture of a fat person as your profile picture!

But no more. Come this January, I join the ranks of the millions who use photos of themselves as their profile pictures. So let it be written, so let it be done.