Well, I’m on floor 12 again this year. Could there have been any other way? Not only that, but I’m in a room which previously belonged to one of my friends here. Can’t say I’m that surprised either. It almost had to happen.

Some of the old characters are back on my floor again as well, so that’s awesome.

The question is, can this year’s floor 12 equal last year’s capital F Floor 12? Probably not. Can it be a damned good year in its own right? Sure it can.

It all comes down to the newbies. Yes, these dozen or so fine people that appear to be forming this year’s gang will play a large role in determining whether or not this is a good year for me.

See, being on the same floor means that I’m constantly reminded of the thousand or so great chill sessions that happened in these same hallways mere months ago. Even in my room, I can’t escape these memories. Here’s the spot where that infamous lap dance occurred. There’s the place where I was dared to lick that guy’s back. There’s the window where she flashed the people across the street.

My hope is that I’ll be able to add to those memories this year. If this year comes to an end and all I can see in that hallway are ghosts of 2010-2011, then I haven’t done a good job.

How does it look thus far? Well, they certainly haven’t shown the same propensity to discuss their reproductive organs as last year’s motley crew, but perhaps that’s to be expected. Still, they appear to be slowly gelling. The jury is still out on them.

If all else fails, we’re just 225 or so days from summer ’12.