After attempting to think of a good title for EONS, this was all that I could come up with. Sorry for the lameness.


Anyhow, it’s August now. August is a month normally met with groans and sighs. Typically around this time of year, I’m thinking “Aww, it’s August. Summer is almost over.”

This year is a little different. Summer to this point has been nothing short of glorious. Now we’ve hit August, and there’s nothing really to look forward to until school starts. I mean, I have my final driver’s test on the 10th, and am then departing to Aruba for the third and final vacation of this summer on the 14th. That’s it.

The driver’s test isn’t even really something I’m looking forward to. It’s something I’ve been dreading and avoiding for over a year. In all likelihood I’ll fail it, since I’ve hardly practiced for it, which means that I’ll have to endure a lecture from my father as well as another test at some point during the year.

Aruba, on the other hand, should be sweet. But then again, I’ve already had two sweet vacations this summer, and Aruba is likely to be the least of the three. Nonetheless, it’ll still be a good week I’m sure.

But once that’s over, summer is effectively done. Fortunately there are only two weeks between the end of Aruba and move-out day, but those will be two long and boring weeks.