It’s hard to believe, but we’re only just over halfway done with Summer ’11. Classes don’t start until September 12th, so we’ve still got over two months to go.

I can’t help but feel that summer has already peaked, however. It’s easy to see why. The first half of summer ’11 featured a three week tour of the Northeastern US and two weeks in Spain. Plus I had the great pleasure of watching the Canucks lose in the finals. It would be damned hard (or just really expensive) for the second half of summer to top that.

Honestly, I’m kind of ready for school to begin again. Course selections begin in a few days, and the process of going through all the courses and deciding which ones to take has really put me in the mood to start the school year. I want to go back to Chestnut, see who will be back on my floor (if anyone), and go back to being up until 4 AM talking about nothing and everything at the same time.

It’s good that I feel like this, I think. I haven’t been this optimistic school since 2008. The only side effect is that the more optimistic I get about the school year, the more pessimistic I get about what’s left of summer. I haven’t written it off or anything – Aruba will be great, and surely there will be other awesome moments which will come out of nowhere and take me by surprise – it’s just that I’ve kind of accepted that the best days of Summer ’11 have already passed.

But hey, I’ve been wrong before.