And just as soon as it looks like I’m back in town, I’m leaving again. This time, my destination lies across the Atlantic.

Spain, ladies and gentlemen.

It’ll be an interesting trip, to be sure. Nothing like Cuba or Jamaica or any of those other fabulous trips from years past. Equally great, I hope, but certainly very different.

But before I get there, I’ve got one hell of a trip ahead of me:

I leave Toronto at 9:45 tomorrow night and take a seven and a half hour flight to Madrid. Then I’ve got a seven hour layover in Madrid, during which I have to get from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2. Then I’ve got an hour flight to Alicante, followed by a three and a half hour wait for the family who will be looking after me, as my flight gets in before theirs.

And I’m doing this all by myself.

So, even though I’m leaving tomorrow, I’m not really jumping up and down with excitement. I’m not nervous either, really. I just know that I’ve got 20 odd hours of hell ahead of me before I get to enjoy myself. Once that’s over with, I’ll be very excited indeed.

See you all in two weeks.