Well, it looks like this is the end. My room, once the central hang out spot on Floor 12, is now barren and lifeless.

Last year at around this time I greeted summer ’10 with endless joy. Not so much this year. This year I feel much the way that I felt when grade 12 concluded: Happy to have had such an awesome year, but utterly devastated to see it come to an end.

That said, it’s not all bad. You might recall last time that I said that I would go to great lengths to extend Floor 12. Well, as it happens, the price for doing so is around $1500 for a three week extension. Tomorrow I shall be embarking on a three week journey across the Northeastern United States with a few fine individuals.

I initially feared that I would have to shut this place down for three weeks, but as this blog proves, I am actually able to write blogs from my phone, though it’s more cumbersome than using a computer and could result in some stange formatting errors. Nevertheless I shall try to keep you all updated from time to time.

Let Summer ’11 commence.