Have you ever noticed how no one likes clingy people?

It’s almost universal. Ask someone what they look for in a member of the opposite sex, and they’ll list off the usual adjectives. Funny. Smart. Attractive. Easy to talk to. Not too clingy.

Personally though, I’m trying to get over my distaste of clingy people. When you think about it, our attitudes towards clingy people make no sense.

I mean, it’s not like clinging is done with any malice. If someone is clinging to you it doesn’t mean that they’re trying to weird you out. It means that they think that you’re a really great person. It means that you’re someone they enjoy having around. It means that they really like you, perhaps as something more than friends.

People express infatuation in different ways. Some people make fun of the object of their attraction. Some people take the direct route and tell the person straight up and say “YO I LIKE YOU.” (Note that it’s usually guys who do this since girls for the most part are pussies. But I digress.) And some people cling. They find themselves unable to prevent themselves from spending every waking moment with the person.

It’s very sad that we perceive this as annoying, I think. Yes, it can get irritating that every single time you log on to Facebook or MSN they start talking to you within ten seconds. I’ve been there. I get that. But I feel really guilty whenever I become annoyed with someone for talking to me because they’re not trying to piss me off. They’re just trying to be friendly and make conversation.

Instead of hating clingy people, you should reserve your hatred for those who actually intend to anger you. If someone spits on you, it’s probably done with malice. Hate that person. If someone punches you in the face, it’s probably (though not certainly) done with malice. Hate that person. Don’t hate clingy people. They’ve done nothing wrong.