It took a little while for me to get settled, but I think that this is pretty much how my blog is going to look for the foreseeable future. How do you like it?

I think it’s a vast improvement over what I had on Spaces. That theme I had going on Spaces was ugly. I liked the blueness of it, but other than that it wasn’t great. When I first arrived here I was going to return to a black theme like I had way back when, but all the black themes here are too plain. So, I chose this one. I really like it. It’s still predominantly blue, but it’s a little more pleasing to the eye than my previous layout.

The transition itself went off without a hitch. As you can see, all 450 of my Spaces blogs are now posted here along with all 1006 of your comments (WordPress keeps stats like that. Wonderful, eh?). All dates and times have transferred over as well, so that’s great. There were formatting issues with a few blogs, some of which I’ve fixed, but I still need to go through the archives to see if some issues remain. Overall though I’m pleased with how things turned out.

So yeah. New site, new layout, new URL (I decided to abandon urmomsawhore in the end), but same Mike.¬† Here’s to another awesome five and a half years.