In reality, there isn’t much that’s permanent. A lot of the time we’re given people and places that will last us for only a relatively short period of time before fading away. Because of the way that school works now, that short period of time translates to about a year.But still. If you’re given something that you know is good and that you know you’ll only have for a year, why wouldn’t you accept it and embrace it and enjoy the hell out of it while it lasts?

People don’t seem to get it, and it really pisses me off.

Too hypothetical for you? Alright.

I’m living on the 12th floor in this residence building with this set group of people for the year. Most of them are good people, and I find that I’m growing somewhat attached to them. There’s a connection that we all have with each other that I really like. It’s hard to explain, but it’s a good thing, I promise you that. The first two months here have kicked the hell out of Queen’s, I’ll say that much.

And yet in spite of all that, I’m probably going to lose touch with most of these people once the year concludes. None of them are doing history programs, so once we’re no longer living in the same space I probably won’t see very much of them anymore.

But whatever, that’s just the way life works. I’ve decided to just enjoy the year while it lasts.

Unfortunately, some people just can’t seem to leave well enough alone. Some people, against all logic, are knowingly violating the most basic rules of residence living, attempting to destroy the unity that we all have achieved.

I mean, what’s rule #1 when you’re living in residence? No floorcest, right? And there’s a good reason why this rule exists. You have to live in close proximity to the people on your floor for the better part of the year. Fooling around with people on your floor can only lead to awkwardness, arguments, disunity, etc.

So why are people openly making moves towards violating this rule? Do they not realize that we’ve got something special going? Are they not aware that their sexual promiscuity could ruin everything for everyone on the floor?

I try to stay oblivious to such things for my own sanity’s sake, but I can only ignore the rumblings for so long. To my knowledge, rule #1 hasn’t been violated yet, but multiple people have made moves towards violating it.

Is it any business of mine who’s screwing who? That’s debatable. But the fact is that these people are within my inner circle on the floor. It’s very clear to me what will happen if these people do not change their path. Everything that we’ve enjoyed over the past few months will be lost forever.

This, I cannot allow.

I’m not sure how many allies I have on this front. One, for sure. There was a second one, who actually took me aside to speak to me about the issue of floorcest violations, and expressed his disapproval. But just weeks later, the hypocrite went and made moves towards a violation of his own with another girl.

I don’t know what I can do to stop this, but I’ll do anything in my power. The unity of floor 12 must be preserved at all costs. If people must be hurt, so be it, so long as the unity stays intact. This floor has become my home, and I will destroy anyone who tries to harm it, even if those people are my friends.