Another Thanksgiving, another separation in the family. 

Seriously, what are the odds? Last Thanksgiving I had an uncle and aunt on my father’s side of the family split up, and this year an uncle and aunt on my mother’s side are splitting up. In both cases there’s a young daughter left in the lurch. I’m now running seriously low on uncle/aunt pairings. Fortunately, my last remaining one seems fairly secure, as it’s been running strong for over 15 years now.

I took last year’s separation pretty hard, as evidenced by the blog that I wrote at the time. I think the reason that I took it so hard is that I didn’t see it coming. This time I did sort of see it coming, so I’m not doing too badly with it.

See, the two families never really got along. The language barrier prevented the parents from getting to know each other really well, and within the families certain people were just really distrusting of the other side. As much as I’d like to subscribe to the whole Love Conquers All ideal, it seems to me that it’s an uphill battle when your family doesn’t approve of a relationship. Obviously I don’t know all of the hows or whys, so I can’t say for sure that family tensions are the main reason why this has happened. I’m sure there were many other factors at play as well, some of which may have been more important than the aforementioned family tensions. I’m just stating what I know.

That’ll be all for now. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.