Another new adventure begins tomorrow morning at 11:00. It’s hard to believe, but in 229 days (give or take a few), school will be over, and summer ’11 will commence.

But in between now and then there’s a whole lot of work to be done and hopefully some fun to be had as well. With three history courses this year, I’m well aware that I’m going to be writing essays pretty much non-stop this year. There’s nothing that I can do about that. But there are a couple of things that I can do to try and enjoy myself amidst the hellish workload.

The first such opportunity will come three days hence, on Wednesday. That’s when fencing tryouts are being held. Will I make the team? Doubtful. But what the hey, right? If I somehow fence twice as good as I normally do, I might at least survive the first round of cuts. Maybe. There are a few social events coming up shortly thereafter, and a day for joining clubs and activities soon after that.

So all in all, there’s a lot to fear, but a lot to look forward to as well. The future is partly cloudy with a chance of afternoon showers.