One of the first things I noticed upon moving into my new room here at U of T was that the previous tenant had left behind a journal in one of the desk drawers.

At first I thought that it was a diary, but it ended up being a dream journal. Still, what struck me was that it had just been left behind. Normally when you move out of a dorm, you triple check every nook and cranny to make sure that you haven’t left anything behind. But somehow, the previous tenant (whose name is Sam) left behind this journal.

So the question is, did he forget it, or did he just leave it behind on purpose? I can’t imagine how he could have forgotten to check for personal belongings in this drawer. It’s the top drawer of the only desk in the room, and he cleared out the two lower drawers. Surely he couldn’t have emptied every other drawer in the room and glossed over one of the most obvious ones.

That leaves two options. Either Sam saw the journal on move out day, and decided not to make the effort to throw it into the garbage can resting two feet away, hoping the cleaning staff would do it for him, or he left it intending for me to read it. I don’t know.

Anyhow, it gave me a brilliant (or so I think) idea: What if I write a journal while I’m here, and leave it behind at the the end of the year for the next person who inhabits this room to read?

It’s an interesting concept, because it’ll be the first time that I’m writing for an unknown audience. Generally when I write, I have at least some idea of who my audience is. And since my audience is usually limited to a single person or a small group of people, I often know exactly who my audience is.

But I don’t know much about the person I’m writing for this time. They could be male or female. They could be 18 years old, or 25. They could be from just about any country in the world. It’s not even a guarantee that this person will be a U of T student, since my residence also houses students from Ryerson and OCAD.

It’ll be interesting to see what becomes of this, if anything. What do you guys think? Good idea? Bad idea? Am I just plain stupid? I want some opinions on this.