A great many questions will be answered over the course of the next seven days.

Will Jamaica ’10 live up to the precedent that Cuba ’08 has set?
Will the food there be as great as Dominican Republic ’04?
Will I meet anyone as great as Johnny, John, or Dan there?
Will this trip change my life as previous trips have done?

I really want to write a blog a week from now having answered all those questions in the positive. Maybe that’s unrealistic. Maybe not.

I spent the last hour re-reading that mammoth Cuba blog, trying to figure out what I did right over the course of those seven days. I want to repeat my successes while eliminating the few mistakes I made.

Looking back, it was all just an unbelievable stroke of good luck. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time, over and over again. My family just happened to set up our chairs next to Johnny’s family on the first day. John just happened to be in the club on the second day. Dan and I just happened to bump into each other on the last day.

Really, I didn’t do anything. Good things just happened to me. There’s no strategy that I can employ to ensure that I’m as lucky this time around.

It’s a vacation, so in all likelihood it’ll be a positive experience on the whole (unless Something Really Bad happens, of course). The problem is, if it’s anything less than one of best weeks of my life, I’ll be disappointed.

What’s interesting is that this trip has a lot more potential than the Cuba trip did. Because of the US embargo, there weren’t many Anglophones in Cuba, which really limited the number of people I could speak to on that trip. There’s no such embargo on Jamaica. The lack of embargo also means that Jamaica has access to better food, better air conditioners, better everything. That means that I shouldn’t have to deal with stomach pains, uncomfortable beds, evil air conditioners, or anything like that. On paper, this trip is better than Cuba.

In reality, it’s going to take a miracle for it to be anywhere near as good. I’ll see you all in a week.