I just spent a solid hour typing out a blog on why life should be more like video games.

Then I thought to myself "Hold on. This sounds oddly familiar." So I check my archives, and there it is. October 14th, 2007. A blog about why life should be more like video games. This was shaping up to be a really great blog too, but I end up being
screwed over by something I wrote over two years ago.

It’s bound to happen sometimes. If my counting is correct, this is blog #418 on this space. With all those entries, I’m almost guaranteed to repeat myself occasionally. I just don’t like it when it happens.

But you know, I could probably get away with it. I could probably copy and paste a blog word for word from three years ago, and I’d be the only one aware of it. Such is the power of having a readership of three.

I could, but I won’t.

So now I’ve wasted about two hours on this. Shitty ending to the day. Whatever, tomorrow will be better.