So, I received an acceptance to U of T today. I’m in a celebratory mood now, right? Absolutely not. I’m just confused as fuck.

First off, the U of T website says that they don’t make decisions until all required documents are submitted. One of those required documents is a transcript from Queen’s with my final marks. That won’t be submitted until May, so I didn’t expect to hear from them until June. So, I was confused about getting the acceptance in the first place.

Then I looked again and saw that it’s an alternate offer of admission. That is, I’ve been accepted to the university for a different program than I applied for. I applied to a program with the code TAH, and was accepted to a program with the code TAF.

‘Alright,’ I thought, ‘What’s TAF?’

And that’s where it gets really confusing. Because as far as I can tell, TAF doesn’t exist.

I searched the Ontario University Application Centre website, and they had no record of it.
I searched the entire einfo website, which is a website that has information on every program from every university in Ontario. Nothing.
This morning I phoned the OUAC and spoke with a representative. She couldn’t find TAF anywhere either.
I tried calling U of T, and their phones are busy. I’m going to continue trying throughout the day.

But basically, I’ve been accepted to a program that may or may not even exist. This means that somewhere along the line, someone fucked up. Was it me? Was it the OUAC? Was it someone at U of T? I have no clue. All I know is that I need to get to the bottom of this before this situation turns into Something Really Bad.