They’re all in one basket now.

About six weeks ago I applied for residence here at Queen’s for next year. As a backup plan, you see. I figured that if Something Really Bad happened and I didn’t get into U of T, at least I’d have someplace to go next year.

Queen’s uses a lottery system for handing out room assignments. This system determines whether you get your first choice of room, second choice of room, third choice, fourth, fifth, etc, or none at all.

And of course, I got none at all. That’s just another example of the luck I’ve been having here.

This puts me in a bit of a tough spot. Now if Something Really Bad happens and I don’t get into U of T, I’m sort of fucked. I won’t know whether I’ve been accepted U of T or not until June, by which time it’s way too late to look for housing in Kingston, which would make going to Queen’s very difficult.

I don’t know what I’ll do if I don’t get into U of T. I could scramble to try and find a house in Kingston last minute, but failing that I have no other options. I’d have to take the year off and work or something.

So yeah. My eggs are all in one basket now. God help me.