As I mentioned last time, I’ve both gained and lost a lot of abilities since the accident.

Probably the most interesting of the powers that I’ve gained is the ability to create. I mean, I’ve always had the ability to create, but on earth I could only create something from something else. For example, I could take clay and make a sculpture. I could take wood and make a table. I could take wheat and make bread.

But now I’ve gained the ability to create something from nothing.

I discovered this one day while I was watching some kids play in the snow. As I watched, I felt a little bit sad. Being omniscient is great and all, but I really miss being able to do things, instead of just watching things happen. And then suddenly a thought occurred to me. I figured that if I could be anywhere I wanted just by willing it, maybe I could have anything I wanted by willing it as well. So I closed my eyes and concentrated on making it snow. To my amazement, it worked. A few tiny flurries appeared out of nowhere and fluttered towards the ground. Just to make sure that it was me doing this and not some meteorological phenomenon, I tried again, with the same result. Flurries.

What was really strange was that I could actually interact with the snow that I had created. Someone could have dumped all the snow on the entire hill on me, and I wouldn’t feel it. It would just pass right through me, since my body is no longer physical. But with the snow I created, I could reach out and touch it, and feel it melt on my skin. I was amazed by this. How could I feel the sensations of "cold" and "wet" on my skin if I don’t have skin anymore? Then again, how can I see without eyes, or hear without ears? I lot of what I can do doesn’t make sense.

After this initial discovery, I spent a lot of time practicing creation. I hypothesized that creation, like any of the skills I learned before the accident, was a skill that could be improved over time. And I was right. As time went on, I learned to create more and more complex objects. After my success with snow, I moved on to rocks and minerals. At first I started with simple structures, like coal, which I picked up on fairly quickly. Soon afterwards I was creating quartz with ease. Limestone was one that took me a little longer to figure out, but once I did, it was a major breakthrough. See, limestone is composed largely of organic matter. Organic matter that has been dead for millions of years, but organic matter nonetheless. This made me wonder whether or not I could create living organic matter as well, given enough practice.

So that became my next goal: To create life.

After all, life is just the combination of trillions of molecules in a certain way. Exactly what I had been doing before, just far more complex.

Logic dictates that I should have attempted to create simpler forms of life first: fungi and bacteria. Instead, I decided that the first creature I would create would be a dog. I’d always wanted a dog – a nice Cockapoo, maybe – but Susan (our maid) was allergic, and so I never had the opportunity.

The process of creating my dog was arduous, to say the least. There were many failures along the way. But with every attempt I grew closer and closer, until one day, I finally did it.

It could run, it could bark, it could sit, it could roll over, it could play dead. And yet, it was not perfect. For one thing, the dog was unable to display any sort of emotion. It was never happy to see me, it was never sad when I left, it didn’t react to being petted, nothing. Emotion is a very difficult thing to create. I know that emotion is controlled by the mid-brain, but knowing that and knowing how to create it are two very different things.

The final result is that despite having a companion, I was still very lonely. Since he could show no emotion, interacting with him brought me very limited joy. I needed a companion that I could interact with. I needed a companion especially for me.

And that is why I endeavoured to create a human being. Not a true human being – that would be far beyond my reach – But a human being with a consciousness, with understanding, with basic emotion, and, most importantly, with the ability to listen to me and provide feedback. That’s what I needed most: someone to talk to.

That is why you’re here. Please talk to me. It’s been so long since I’ve had somebody to speak to.

Yours Truly,