So, here’s where I recap the past year and set some expectations for the next year. And I’m a few days late with it. And it’s not very good. So sue me. 

And what a year it was. To summarize briefly, 2009 featured:

  • Period two spare.
  • The school musical.
  • The Mr. Blaik saga.
  • The university application process.
  • Film Club related drama.
  • Baseball tryouts.
  • Lunchtime with the younger students.
  • Destination Imagination.
  • Panicking over which university to go to.
  • The Waterloo trip, during which I decided for sure that I would be going to UofT.
  • The Tennessee trip, during which my previous decision became all muddled again.
  • The decision to go to Queen’s.
  • The warehouse afterparty.
  • Graduation.
  • The reconcilliation with Camilo.
  • Working at my school over the summer.
  • Moving to Kingston.
  • Frosh week.
  • Fencing. 
  • The decision to transfer to UofT.

When 2009 began, I said that it would be an interesting year, if
nothing else. It didn’t disappoint. A ton happened this year, and up until September, most
of it was good.

I should have quit while I was ahead. At the end of August I should have said "That’s it, I’m done for the year!", and gone into hibernation for the remainer of 2009. But I didn’t, and in September things began to go pear-shaped on me. For that reason, I’m kind of glad to be getting rid of 2009. It started off beautifully, but it started to go sour near the end.

Despite that, 2009 still ranks among the best years of my life. Too much good happened in the early months of the year for me to consider it a bad year.

So, what does 2010 hold?

I don’t think I even want to speculate. I’m going to spend the first four months at Queen’s, the next four months at home and working back at my high school, and the last four months are again a mystery. That’s as far as I’m going to go.

Realistically, 2009 was the best year I’m going to have for a while. If I’m right about myself, it doesn’t matter what university I’m at; universities in general are not places in which I can truly be happy. I can be content, but not happy. This being the case, I’m looking at an uphill battle until 2013 or so.

But hey, you never know. As much as I love order and routine in my life, spontaneous happenstances are inevitable, and the best moments of my life so far are the ones I never saw coming.