Everything went as expected, for better or for worse. Most of my family was overjoyed to hear the news. Several full out whoops were heard.

My parents didn’t react one way or the other, at first. And then they started asking a bunch of questions. Especially my dad. He asked me why I made my decision, where I was planning on living next year, whether my marks would transfer over, whether I had spoken to anyone about finding housing next year, whether I was at a disadvantage by doing this, and etc.

He then essentially ruled out the idea of me living at home next year. I’m not happy about that. Even though the first thing I did last year when deciding where to go was rule out living at home, I’d still like the option this time around.

With that said, I think that I’ll be happy if I can find a few friends to live with in the city. At the very least, I’ll be happier than I am now. And even if I’m living in the city, I can still come home at any time, weekend or weekday, for any reason whatsoever. So, we’ll see.

I want to avoid discussing this issue with my family for a few days. That will give my dad enough time to analyze the issue to his heart’s content, and will give me some time to continue the process. The next two steps are to ensure that the transfer process does succeed, and to try to find somewhere to live. Hopefully all goes well.