"You know what’s funny?" asked Sammy.

She and the boy were sitting by the fireplace in Sammy’s living room, sipping away at hot chocolate.

"What?" asked the boy.

"We’ve known each other for what? Almost four months now? I still don’t know your name."

The boy gave her a blank stare. "Yeah, so?"

"Don’t you think I should at least know your name if we’re going to be friends?"

"I don’t know your name either," replied the boy, dodging the question.

"Sammy," the girl said. "My name is Sammy."

"I didn’t ask," said the boy with a smirk. "You’re a very open person, aren’t you?"

Sammy blushed. She usually wasn’t. This boy just had a way of making her speak. "Yeah, well…" She trailed off, expecting him to give her his name in return.

"I’m not as open." said the boy after a moment.

"Are you kidding?" said Sammy, a little frustrated. "It’s just your name. I don’t see the issue."

"Did you make any New Year’s resolutions?" asked the boy. A complete non sequitur. This boy was an enigma and a half.

"Um… Not really," said Sammy, caught somewhat off guard with this random question. "What about you?"

 "That’s good," he said, again evading her question. "New Year’s resolutions are dumb."

"What’s wrong with them?" asked Sammy.

"One thing in particular." said the boy. "Why is it limited to one arbitrary day of the year? If people see some sort of fault within themselves, why do they wait until New Year’s Day to correct it? Why not make a Labour Day resolution, or a Victoria Day resolution, or a March 24th resolution? If you’re eating too much cake, why wait until New Year’s to say "I’m going to eat less cake and instead devote cake-eating time to going to the gym."? It’s stupid."

"I guess that makes sense," said Sammy, "but I think that people are constantly trying to improve themselves. They just usually don’t announce it to the world."

"You have opinions," said the boy. "I like that."

"Thank you," said Sammy. A rare complement from the boy. Normally he just tore her opinions to shreds.

"The question is, can you back them up? Tell me, what have you resolved to improve about yourself over the last few weeks?"

Again, the boy had caught her off guard. But she recovered quickly: "I have resolved… to learn the names of every person I meet. Now tell me yours."

"You’re persistent," said the boy. "I like that too."

The girl smiled triumphantly. She had beaten the boy at his own game!

 Or had she? For at that moment the boy stood up and put on his coat. "Unfortunately," he said. "I’m persistent too. Thanks for the hot chocolate."

And he quickly walked out of her house.


I honestly was planning to reveal the boy’s name in this one. Right up until I got to five lines from the end, I was going to end it with him telling her his name. But then I decided not to. Oh well.

Five bucks if you can guess his name before he tells her. It’s not Rumpelstiltskin.