Generally, Thanksgiving is a good holiday. Not quite up to the lofty standards of Christmas, but joyful nonetheless. I mean, it’s a day of good food in the company of your family. Few things are as precious. This year’s Thanksgiving weekend was somewhat marred by a tragedy within my family.I noticed during Sunday’s dinner that my aunt was mysteriously absent, but I didn’t think too much about it at the time. She’s often on business trips and the like, and so her absence, while noticeable, wasn’t completely out of the ordinary.

As I found out today, the reason for her absence was that she and my uncle are separating.

This is a disaster. Wrong, all wrong.

And I know what you’re thinking. It’s not my parents. I’m overreacting. Worse things have happened in the world.

That’s true. But here’s the thing: It’s a blow to my spirit more than it is a personal blow.

Here’s what I mean by that: My uncle and aunt were at the very top of my list of favourite couples. Number one, out of every single pairing of human beings that I know. And now it’s over, after what? 12 years of marriage and dating, all told?

I mean, they had the occasional argument, but what married couple doesn’t? The fights weren’t frequent, and they were always short lived and never devolved into shouting matches. Nothing ever set off any alarm bells inside my head. Whatever problems they had were kept well hidden.

They were such a refreshing couple to be around. I mean, my parents sometimes make marriage seem like a business transaction. But my aunt and uncle were different, somehow. I don’t mean that they were overly romantic with each other. They just always seemed to be having more fun than other couples. Always laughing and making jokes.

Like the way he proposed to her, for example. He purposely acted like a jerk to her for about a week, leading her to believe that the end of the relationship was imminent. And then he proposed.

When she asked where he got the ring, he replied “You know the gumball machine at the Bonanza Mall? That thing’s amazing.”

It’s damned near impossible to fully explain a single human being in a blog, so the idea of explaining the relationship between two human beings in a blog is beyond ridiculous. If pressed to describe them in a sentence, I would say that they were the closest thing to kids that I’ve ever seen in people of over thirty years of age.

That’s what I loved about them. Their relationship gave me faith. I thought to myself, “If someone like him can meet someone like her, and they can make things work, then maybe there’s some hope for the world.”

But maybe the reason that I loved that relationship is the reason why it ended. Marriage is for mature adults, not kids.

No one knows except them. I could be entirely off the mark here. But for whatever reason, the relationship is dead.

My faith in the world has taken a bit of a hit today, my friends.

Fuck. Just fuck.