I always thought that the "deserts" in "just deserts" was spelled like "desserts", but apparently that’s wrong. "Desert" (with the stress on the second syllable) is a rarely used noun meaning "that which one deserves". Thus, the phrase is "just deserts", as opposed to "just desserts".

Grammar lesson over.

A ridiculous storm hit Woodbridge last night, leaving a shitload of damage behind. The damage was largely caused by a freaking tornado, which ripped through an area about five kilometres north of where I live. About a dozen homes were destroyed, and 120 homes were evacuated in total. The city declared a state of emergency – the first that I can recall. On my street, the damage was limited to the destruction of three trees. Fortunately, the trees fell in a direction where they did not damage any vehicles or houses, though they did block the road.

And, despite having defended Woodbridge so adamantly last night, I can’t help but think that we’re getting our just deserts here. I can’t think of a more deserving suburb.