I didn’t think that I would have to write another blog on this issue. I definitely didn’t think that I would have to write another blog on this issue barely 48 hours after my so-called “Conclusion”. But here I am, doing just that.I recently said that the odds of someone else finding this space are ridiculously low. So what are the odds of Camilo finding this space a day after I posted the Wrigley Field blog? Millions to one, surely.

And yet, I came home today to find “Camilo Llano commented on Michael Danese’s blog post The Wrigley Field Incident – Conclusion

I was beyond shocked. I’m still beyond shocked, actually. And it’s very rare that anything I see on my own blog shocks me.

When I wrote the Wrigley Field blog, I never for a second dreamed that he might read it. But I’m not embarrassed or ashamed at all. In fact, I’m glad. I’m glad because everything that I wanted to tell him is in that blog. I just never had the chance to say most of it. I’m happy that he now knows how I feel. And I’m happy that I know a little bit more about how he feels.

But I don’t know everything, and that’s what this blog is for.

At this point, I need to ask anyone not named Camilo to click the red X in the top right corner of your screen. Please. No one’s going to force you to, but I would appreciate it if you did. Thanks. If your name is Camilo, read on.

Camilo, I don’t know if you’ll end up reading this, but I hope that you will, because I have a few final things to say and a few final questions to ask. I’ll make it quick, I promise.

First off, I’ve told you my thoughts on the last few years, so I’d like to ask you is this: What were things like from your point of view? How have you been feeling over these past two years in terms of what happened? I know it sounds a bit silly, but I never knew what you were thinking, and I really want to see things from your perspective.

Just because I think that I turned out better because of everything that happened doesn’t mean that I’m entirely happy about it. You were the best friend that I had for those first two years of high school, and I’ll never forget some of the times we had. I know that you remember those good times too.

What happened between us was a shame, to say the least. There’s no way to erase it now, but there’s no reason why things have to stay like this. I’ve been trying to find a way to get things back to how they used to be between us for more than two years. I was always willing and eager to start fresh. I just never had the guts to tell you to your face. I thought that you hated me. Whenever I saw you in the hallways in grade 11 and 12, I felt a mix of guilt, sadness, and fear. But in spite of what you might think, I always cared about how you were doing, even if it seemed like I had moved on and found new friends.

The bottom line is this: As I said, I’ve always been willing and eager to start fresh with you. And while I don’t know what your plans are in terms of returning to Colombia, I know this: There’s no reason why we can’t be friends again. If you can forgive me for everything that I’ve ever done to you, I’d like to start over.

What do you say, french horn guy?

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