Eighteen days left? Did I skip ahead a few days?

No, I just gave myself a deadline. Rather than use the May 28th deadline provided to me by the province of Ontario, I’m going to force myself to decide on the night of May 24th. I don’t know why, exactly. I just am.

Let’s revisit our Pro-Con list, shall we?

You’ll recall that the final score ended up being 14-14.

But one factor above all caused the score to be even: People.

Combine the categories of Friends, New People, and Family, and the score is 7-3 for UofT.

Discount those three, and suddenly it’s a 11-7 Queen’s victory. That’s a clear gap.

On a related note, if the factor of location were to be discounted, Queen’s would win as well (though I didn’t give any points to location in my tally).

So, I’ve come to two conclusions:

1. Without anyone influencing my decision, I would pick Queen’s.
2. If Queen’s was the same distance away as UofT, I would pick Queen’s.

Here’s the problem though.

The Discount One Factor Method falls flat on its face in that you can’t really discount one factor. The reality is that there are many people influencing my decision, and that Queen’s is a good deal farther away than UofT. To ignore these factors entirely would be foolish.