When faced with a difficult decision, there are two main methods I use to help me decide. The first is the coin toss method, which, when used properly, renders a clear and sound decision. Unfortunately for me, when I flipped my lucky penny, it landed on its side, indicating that even the laws of physics are opposed to my decision making process.

Thus, I have been forced to use my second method: the pro-con method. It’s a common method, due to its simplicity and effectiveness.

It works as such: You list all the factors that might influence your decision. Then, using a scale ranging from 0-2 (0 = average, 1 = above average, 2 = well above average), you grade each choice based on how well it fulfills each factor.

I conducted this earlier today, and here were the results. Note that some categories, such as "Friends", are actually several smaller categories grouped together, and as such score higher than two.

I anticipate some formatting issues with this, as this blog makes it difficult to create charts.

Atmosphere: Queen’s 2, UofT 0
Courses: Queen’s 1, UofT 2
# People: Queen’s 1, UofT 0
Friends: Queen’s 2, UofT 3
Class Size: Queen’s 1, UofT 0
Campus: Queen’s 2, UofT 0
Food: Queen’s 0, UofT 1
Possibility of Meeting New People: Queen’s 1, UofT 0
Tranquility: Queen’s 0, UofT 1
Family: Queen’s 0, UofT 4
Employment Opportunities: Queen’s 0, UofT 1
Dorms: Queen’s 1, UofT 0
Facilities: Queen’s 1, UofT 1
Spirit: Queen’s 2, UofT 0
Recreation: Queen’s 0, UofT 1

Final Score: Queen’s 14, UofT 14.

Fuck my life. Seriously, what the hell. My most trusted method for decision making has failed. I’ll have to wipe the results and try again at a later date while adding more criteria.

That, or I’ll have to buy a new lucky penny. Does anyone know how much those cost?